Much more than just folk music... Tradition and beyond!
Let's cross over musical borders!
In the beginning there was the band...
Proud to be part of you, folks!
A voice to melt an iceberg... what a singer!
See you at our next gig!
Fiddle & Feet and Doubletop are a top team...
Stringing the Taps Together
Some of Natalie's Irish dance enthusiasts disentangle their feet on this webpage...
See you next training session!
... and Siggi's Irish dance performance group dances here.
Keep on dancing!
How about Irish dancing in Giessen?
See you there?
Or would you rather dance in Marburg? Have a look at Tanja's and Nadine's webpage
Nomen est omen ...!
Or perhaps rather in Kelsterbach?
Keep those heels off the floor!
... or perhaps in Höchstadt / Aisch?
You're a top teacher, Bettina!
Learn Irish dancing or classical ballet with Petra...
Call it point or tendu... as long as you dance!
Irish dance in Bonn with Birgit...
Bonn Roses are great!
Irish folk & show dance in Berlin with Anne...
Great stuff!
Irish dance in Cottbus with Manu...
Dancing kinesiologically!
Mathias teaches Irish Dancing in Bremen.
Hope you'll join us with the next flashmob...!
Irish dance in the Ruhr area...
Go for it, Isa!
Irish dance in Munich...
Friends of the soul of dancing!
American and Irish steps in Kulmbach...
Keep going, Lisa!
Nicole teaches Irish Dancing in Bruchsal...
See you soon...!
Irish dance in style in Rahden...
Keep going, Jutta and Silvia!
Irish dance in Hamlin...
Stay up on your toes!
How about the old Irish dancing style...?
Mary Beth, you're a brilliant teacher!
Intensive courses, summer camps, and really lovely people.
You are the soul of Irish dancing, Angeline!
Lots of information about Irish dance schools, organisations, feisanna...
Keep going!
The "Pirate Queen" is an absolute Must for Ireland fans!
National hero Grace O'Malley goes musical!
The internet site of the Proitzer Mühle lists Irish dance classes throughout Germany.
Keep on dancing!
Tanja Cibulski focusses on healing...
You move body and soul, Tanja!
Hip Hop, Irish dance and much, much more...
Vera truly moves you!
Have a look here if you prefer Scotland to Ireland - at least dancewise...
Scottish ceilidh and country dances
International Dance Camp Festival Stuttgart 25th-27th April 2014
Hip hop, jazz and modern à la carte...
Loads of information about all kinds of dance activities in the Rhine-Main area!
Nice, informative webpage, Sebastian!
Interested in Celtic jewellery, Aran sweaters, CDs and more?
Happy shopping!
The webpage for Irish communities in continental Europe & continental Europeans interested in everything Irish.
Loads of information!

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